Lasting moment of change?

So it’s all change at the top…yesterday saw the start of something special, something very special. That’s right yesterday saw the start of Junior Apprentice…over the next few weeks we get to see ‘Lord’ Alan beat the shit out of little, annoying teenagers, most probably because they are little, annoying teenagers. Ironic really that as we see the birth of a new government, a government rooted in the Thatcherite policies of old, that we also see on our screens the birth of the next generation of ‘Loads-A-Monies’.

So we ask the question, has this new Con-Dem government really brought the change in politics that they proclaim so loudly? Nick Clegg has spent the past 4 weeks trying to convince everyone, which he has done to some degree, that he is the 2nd coming (the first of course is his new friend Dave Cameron). He has told us repeatedly that he wants to change the way that Westminster works, that “the only choice you have is between the two old parties who’ve been taking it in turns to run things for years.”, hitting us with his campaign mantra of ‘Change that works for you, building a fairer Britain’. We all know where ‘Dave’ stands on change, its change this, change that, vote for change. Well how well do Con-Dem stand up to this idea of change? Lets look at some figures (Courtesy of Newsnight);

  • 65% of the the new cabinet went to either Oxford or Cambridge (15% of Tony Blair’s first cabinet were Oxbridge)
  • 61% of the new cabinet were educated at private schools
  • 4 members of the cabinet are women (would we even have Theresa May in the cabinet if Chris Grayling, ironically, hadn’t come out as a raving homophobe (the word ‘change’ once again rings loudly in the ears. Their were 8 women in Blair’s & 5 in Brown’s first cabinet)
  • 1 cabinet member is from an ethnic minority (she’s also a woman)
  • There are no ethnic minority MPs within the Parliamentary Lib Dem party.

Surely if you want to sell a different type of politics then you need a different type of face? What we see is that the change that they offered was a change from a progressive, representative cabinet to a change back to a government that now once again looks very white, very male, very upper middle class and very elitist. At least the Tory party from the 70’s and 80’s had a woman that was there simply not to make up the numbers.

Where does that leave them on the ‘change’ front? Well after 3 years of rebranding from ‘Dave’ and all the trumpeted ‘change’ nonsense from ‘Nick’ we see very little change in the look of the government. How about the ‘change’ to their policies? Lets take the ‘Big Society’ that Dave offered us.

When Cameron stated in his first speech as PM that he wanted to ‘change’ Britain from ‘One where we don’t just ask what are my entitlements, but what are my responsibilities’, he was selling his vision of change to the country. 23 years earlier Maggie stated that ‘People have got the entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations’. The words may have changed but the sentiment hasn’t – its worth noting that Maggie also said in the same speech that ‘there was no such thing as society’ – we all know what happened next – society itself crumbled…we are still suffering the hang-over from that 80’s party.

So in the same week that the budding ‘Loads-a-monies’ of the early 21st century launch their quest for loads of money, the old ‘Loads-of-monies’ of the late 20th century launch their quest for change…the only problem is, they haven’t!

The government of change. Source BBC


8 Responses to Lasting moment of change?

  1. E3 says:


    I do hope that the education that the coalition provides is better than the one you received. Your use, or misuse, of the apostrophe is shocking.

    Your first 2 bullet points state that over 60% of the members of our new cabinet went to Oxbridge. I always thought Oxbridge represented an intelligent bunch. Isn’t that a good thing? The fact that the “narrowing the gap” philosophy hasn’t worked can only be blamed on the Labour Government. I suggest you be patient, observe and check on the contraction rule and the possession rule. Much love.

    • First off, thanks for taking the time to read my musings on our new government…I hope the ‘shocking’ use, or misuse, of the apostrophe won’t put you off reading my future thoughts. I would argue that most people find it difficult understanding the contraction and/or possession rule. I would therefore argue that I am representative of the broad spectrum of our diverse society, something that our new or old government can seriously claim to be.

      You stated that my first 2 bullet points state that 60% of the cabinet went to Oxbridge…in fact only my first bullet point made reference to this fact. I take your point Oxbridge does represent intelligent people…however my arguments are not about intelligence, they are about the fair representation of the people. The 2nd bullet point stated that 61% of the cabinet went to a private school. These two points alone should at least make you think about their ideologies, their frame of understanding? Where are the women? Where are the ethnic minorities? Surely you have to admit that this cabinet doesn’t represent fairly the people of our great nation.

      If the only thing that you have to complain about in this article is my use of apostrophe then you’re missing the point.

      • E3 says:

        How can 1 person be representative of any group? Jesus!!! 6 Aliens from Mars can easily represent our entire universe if the people within that universe voted for them. This stupid idea that the Government is not “representative” of the country is irritating. Shall we look at the gender stats and the ethnicity stats and hand-pick the Government to ensure that they statistically match the figures of the nation. If this is the case, do we ensure that a number of bigots sit in Government and a small team of homophobes? They were voted in so they represent the nation. Enough said!!

      • I’m stating an obvious point that if a group seeks to govern then it needs to reflect the general populas. All parties have this issue and its a sad state of affairs that their aren’t enough women or ethnic minorities being represented when clearly there should be. I’m not advocating tokenism, but out of 649 MPs there are only 26 of which are black or minority ethnic…11 are Conservative and zero are Liberal…of the 649 only 142 are women…55 are Con-Dems, less than half of the total. We do allow bigots and homophobes to represent us however their party don’t garner enough votes to sit in the house…although Chris Grayling did a pretty good job of representing the homophobes.

  2. Cookygirl says:

    You are right, how can a cabinet made up of ex students from private schools poss represent the whole cross section of our diverse society?

    • E3 says:

      The group isn’t seeking to – it IS governing. Governing a group that democratically, within the electoral system, voted them in. That’s it!!!

      it is = it’s


      At least make an effort!

      • Good god man get off my back with the apostrophe and grammar nonsense…you know what I mean, people who read this (not many I’m sure) know what I mean!

        I would argue that most people didn’t vote for this coalition…they may have got one but they didn’t vote for this one. Once again you have failed to address the real issue…the numbers don’t stack up…this parliament, both Labour, Con-Dem, Scottish Nationalists, Welsh Nationalists, etc, is not representative of the country as a whole.

        Also, have you read the latest post about the Labour Leadership election? Would be good to hear your thoughts on the future of the opposition.

        I promise to try harder with the grammar! You should be a teacher.

      • The BBC have produced a very nice breakdown of the latest parliament. Check it out…

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