A new era of suffrage? Women know your limits!

Are we entering a new era of suffrage under the Con-Dems? The evidence seems to point to a government with pre Pankhurst attitudes to women’s rights. The disproportionate cuts in the budget, the shelving of ‘Go-Orders’ and the proposed ending of council tenancy for life have hit women very hard.

Did we expect anything else from a male dominated cabinet? This is a ‘back to basics’ campaign through the back door…

Harry Enfield created the Tory poster boys ‘Tim Nice But Dim’ & ‘Loads-a-money’, he also created this, now rather accurate, depiction of the modern Tory attitude to women…enjoy.


4 Responses to A new era of suffrage? Women know your limits!

  1. E3 says:

    Dramatic! Over dramatic! Fun… entertaining. Was that your purpose??

    • The purpose was to highlight again how the tory can never change…even with the help of a so called progressive party, it still pumps out policies that are throwbacks to bygone eras.

  2. Steve Annetts says:

    Not with you on a council tenancy for life as this is one thing that does need a review. From my own experience I see under occupancy, and people living in what is or what should be housing for people on low income, who could well afford to pay more, freeing up housing for those who do need it. In addition the government should be targeting those properties currently standing empty in the private sector.

    • I can see your point…however, these ideas are thrown out into the public domain without any thought. First we’re told that Clegg’s comment about the Iraq war was illegal was just him speak personally. We’re then told the same thing when Cameron appears to make up policy on the spot. Maybe they should hold up a card that differentiates when they are delivering government policy and when they are just spitballing ideas! These plans for council tenancy need to be scrutinised when, if they ever become government policy.

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