Inspect & Regret

It’s hard starting something that you know will ultimately end sooner rather than later. If we knew, as children, the date in which we were to vanish from this mortal coil then our lives might be more enriching but it would be by definition one of inspection and regret.  The date for the final entry of this blog will be the first Thursday of May 2015 (actually lets say the first Friday of May 2015). We hope by this date our words will have been inspected a lot and that their will be no regrets to speak of.

It remains to be seen whether the next general election will manifest itself on this day as in all likelihood the Con-Dem coalition will fail well before this day.

What we aim to do with this blog is provide some insight into the running of this ‘revolution’, of this seismic shift in English politics, of this ‘change’ in the way our government governs. We will be focusing on many aspects including this wishy washy notion of ‘change’ (We will post later some interesting stats that Newsnight discussed on the make-up of the cabinet.) that both parties seem to hold so dear.

We’re fairly certain that this coalition will receive a fairly easy time from the Tory Media, both press and broadcasters. So we are going to take a look at how the Government are reported on both through these biased agencies and through the other mainstream organisations.

To steal a line from ‘Dave’, this blog will succeed through its success…not entirely sure that this makes any sense…apt though as that’s what most people will be thinking about the Con-Dems

Looking at this notion of Inspection and regret, lets ask ourselves how much CamEgg regret their election campaigns of 4 weeks ago?

Do you think they take us all for idiots? Do you think that they can erase their campaigns from our memories? Do you simply put their electioneering down to wanton cravings for power; that they were always closer in policy and ideology than they led us to believe?