Ladies and Gentlemen…it’s war!

This was written in response to someone’s suggestion that the ill’s of Britain fall squarely at the feet of the Labour Party.

Why is it that people lambast Brown and Blair for the deregulation of the banks? At least they included some level of deregulation within the industry…the Tories wanted the whole kit and caboodle deregulated…so lets not play that game fella. Lets try and move the argument on from non-doms shall we, all parties have benefited from this loop hole and we’re trying to have a serious debate about the death of our nation.

What would you rather do about Europe? Pull out? We need to be at the heart of europe if you want to influence it and signing the Lisbon treaty moves us closer to that goal. I don’t think we should be playing the ‘we’re not Britain anymore’ card…our population are just as capable moving to France, Germany, Belgium for work.

For those of you who have some weird belief that the public sector is some how not doing their bit, ask yourselves these two questions. Do you think that people who work in the public sector don’t pay tax? Do you think that Schools don’t make national insurance contributions to the treasury? Every organisation has to contribute to taxation. I’d love to know the public sector workers that have been subsidised…please tell me of these subsidies. Your argument seems to be that because the Private sector is struggling then the public sector has to foot the bill. You Tories can’t have it both ways…you can’t say that you want excellent schools and hospitals and then take the required personnel and money away that facilitates this aim.

The tories are fighting an ideological war…they don’t believe in the state, they believe in free market, capitalism and privatisation. They believe in self interest; the tory only understands the acquisition of wealth, not the enrichment of society through helping those that may not be able to help themselves. They don’t understand why someone would want to give up the pursuit of material wealth for a life of helping others.